Our Mission

The Special Partnership Trust is an equitable partnership of schools and specialist provision that are ambitious for excellence in learning and support.  We constantly seek to improve our offer to young people and their families through collaboration, challenge and co-operation.  Ofsted has judged all the schools within the partnership as being good or outstanding, but we are always aware of the need to develop best practice across the partnership and with mainstream and other specialist providers.  The partnership works proactively with the LA and multi-agency teams to provide a wide range of flexible specialist learning opportunities across the region.

Advantages of a 'Special Partnership Trust'

  • Cornwall-wide approach - A commitment to provide a consistently high quality standard of special education across the region.
  • Commitment - A collective responsibility to ensure that every school within the Trust thrives
  • One voice - An ability to share the direction and delivery of special education with a strengthened collective voice
  • Strength - Less isolated and more flexible and adaptable in a constantly changing landscape
  • Growth - In the best possible position to help deliver an enhancement to the SEN provision in the region, with a focus on Free School development and integration of ARB provision in mainstream through collaborative partnerships. Growth must come from a strong successful partnership, so whilst desirable in terms of economies of scale and efficiencies the focus will remain on our core values and improved learning opportunities for all our pupils
  • Sharing - Expand and develop the sharing and building of best practice and support networks for those working with learners in special schools to improve the quality of special education
  • Economies of scale - Exploit the power of combined resources to develop more effective ways of working, including staff capacity, governance, finance, research and pedagogy.
  • A joint vision - The Special Partnership Trust ensures effective collaboration, developing and sustaining inspirational learning centres of outstanding provision. The partnership secures exceptional learning and outcomes for all, irrespective of the challenges they face. It is accountable for ensuring rigour to maintain high standards and achievement, through a challenging and relevant curriculum supported by outstanding teaching and specialist support. It is an equal partnership where dignity and respect are actively promoted to enable each and every person to develop as an active member of British society. 

Special Partnership Trust,
Registered in England and Wales: Company Number 7724160
Registered Address: Pencalenick School, St Clement, Truro, TR1 1TE
01872 520385 info@specialpartnership.org