IMPORTANT NOTICE: Special Partnership Trust Coronavirus Statement below

Welcome to the Special Partnership Trust

26th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


The Special Partnership Trust Covid -19 update


I wanted to take an opportunity to update you on the Trust’s current position, and outline our intentions for the rest of the Summer term 2020 and the next steps for preparing for the Autumn term 2020.  As I write this letter I am aware that we are on day 95 of ‘lockdown’ and I understand that there have been some significant challenges for us all.  Thank you for being such a supportive, patient and understanding school community.

Like many of you, I’m sure, Trust staff are still interpreting current Government guidance and seeking further clarity on revised social distancing measures from the 4th July. Clearer guidance would also allay some concerns, fears and worries about the Autumn term. I would highlight at this point that Trust Schools are planning based on the assumption that the majority of pupils, and staff will be attending school in the Autumn term. However, all we can do at this stage is assume and plan until we receive clearer guidance in the following areas;

-          Are the medically vulnerable students expected to return? If so what provision will need to be made for them and how will it impact on staffing, space and equipment.

-          Further clarity on social distancing and personal protective measures.

-          Further information from the Local Authority on part-time, flexible timetabling, EHCPs, and transition.

-          Are the medically vulnerable staff expected to return? If not how will this impact on you?

-          Are we still expected to adhere to social distancing rules? And what will they be?

-          What are the expectations around those who are shielding others?

-          Will parents no longer have the option of opting out? The Trust will work with parents and carers to provide reassurance and answer queries or questions about any worries or concerns.


We will undoubtedly have more questions and once again most of the guidance is focused on primary and secondary schools, with very little focus on SEN.  School staff will continue to keep in contact with you during the next few weeks and will write again to you all before the end of term outlining in detail our plans for the Autumn term, including the plans for the start of term. I am aware that the summer term is rapidly coming to an end and frustratingly the Trust can plan, prepare and mobilise only as quickly as we receive the guidance and therefore we may need to write to you again during August should the national or local guidance change.  

With regard to the rest of the Summer term, if you would like to discuss school attendance, or have any questions please contact your school and Head teachers will, within the parameters of the latest guidance and keeping pupils and staff safe, work with you to extend the school offer for as many days and to as many pupils as possible.  I would ask for your patience as school staff are being as flexible as possible.

By working together, we can develop a carefully considered, planned approach and I am looking forward to extending the Trust offer and welcoming pupils and staff back to school, we’ve missed them all.

Yours sincerely


Guy Chappell
Executive Director
Special Partnership Trust

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