ARB Commissioned Offer

Available from January 2018

As part of the annual monitoring programme the Local Authority have an opportunity to engage closely with ARBs, picking up new themes and best practice to share and develop. As part of ongoing development work, the Local Authority have identified and commissioned the Special Partnership Trust to offer a package of complimentary support. The focus of the support is ‘Assessment’ in Primary ARBs and ‘Preparing for adulthood’ in Secondary ARBs and is free to all ARB settings.

Primary Offer:

To support primary ARBs in the development of assessment arrangements in response to the Rochford Review and the removal of the statutory requirement to assess subject specific learning using P-scales.

To evaluate ARBs ability to evidence “good progress” as defined in the Ofsted inspection framework.

To support ARBs in the development of individual learning pathways.

 Possible Activity:

  • Audit of assessments used in ARBs including non-academic assessments to evidence progress.
  • Support for ARBs in using and embedding the pre-key stage standards to cover pupils engaged in subject-specific learning.
  • Identifying best assessment practice in primary ARBs.
  • Support for ARBs in developing an observational framework to monitor the varying ways in which a pupil demonstrates attention, interest and involvement in learning in response to the seven areas identified in the Rochford Review. Investigation of approaches such as learning journals and assessment programmes such as tapestry.

 Secondary Offer:

To support Secondary ARBs in preparing their young people for adulthood with a particular focus on employability.

 Possible Activity:

  • To work alongside the newly appointed Enterprise Advisers in auditing the practice in ARBs in relation to employability.
  • To ensure that the curriculum reflects the P4A agenda and there are opportunities to develop life skills including employability skills e.g. more independent travel. To support settings where this needs to be developed
  • To identify best practice across secondary ARBs and special schools.
  • Ensure that all pupils in Secondary ARBs have an opportunity to engage in work experience that is meaningful and relevant sharing good practice and challenging schools.

This offer is still in its draft stages: we anticipate to be able to begin the work directly with ARBs in January 2018. A referral form will be used that ARBs can complete and send directly to the Trust that details the specific support they would like to receive under this scheme (A traded offer through the Trust is also available should you require support for anything outside of the scope of this remit.) In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact

Special Partnership Trust,
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Registered Address: Pencalenick School, St Clement, Truro, TR1 1TE
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