IMPORTANT NOTICE: Special Partnership Trust Coronavirus Statement below

Welcome to the Special Partnership Trust

21st May 2020

Dear parents/carer

I hope you are all well, and that the ​general confusion in the media about the next steps for schools is not causing you additional concern.  I am going to outline the position for Trust Schools which will hopefully make things clearer for you.   As we all know, this is a new situation ​and one which we anticipate will continue to develop over time; therefore, it is essential to continue to work together and ​continue to communicate well while we move through the next steps.    

The most important things are that we keep the pupils and the staff safe by using and following the guidance based on Government guidance ​which includes the factors that have been considered ​through school ​based risk assessments. ​In summary our planning must include the following:   

  • Controlling the transmission of the virus
  • Promoting thorough personal hygiene
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene: promoting the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' approach
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes
  • Minimising contact and mixing through applying social distancing 
  • The availability of staff, and school support services; catering, cleaning, transport etc. to enable us to operate effectively 

As you will be aware from the media, the ​Government focus ​appears at the moment ​to be is on primary schools and Year 10's but for special schools we are being encouraged to take a more needs lead approach. without specific reference to year groups.   Trust Schools will continue to provide the current offer whilst beginning to consult with parents/ carers about ​any potential the extension of the offer ​in full consideration of the and the requirements ​of our pupils. 

The consultation ​regarding any changes to our current offer will begin immediately with a view to being ​potentially extended over a staggered period between the 1st June and the 8th June ​whilst ensuring the offer is ​both safe and sustainable. We will not be in a position to offer full time placement at school for any pupil for the foreseeable future (unless in exceptional circumstances) due to the limit on places, we need to keep numbers attending school to a minimum in our attempt to support social distancing. I would highlight this approach could at any time be affected by the latest Government guidance, scientific or health advice.

I would like to be clear ​on the following ​guidance:

  • for pupils that have been advised to shield should continue to do so
  • ​and those pupils that are considered vulnerable, but wish to access school, should seek medical advice ​which confirms for the school that the pupil is able to return to school safely
  • Where parents have requested that their child remains at home and for those pupils whom we are not able to offer provision to at this time schools will continue to provide remote support and learning resources as well as a minimum of weekly contact.

All schools will continue to provide remote support and online resources to pupils that cannot attend school.

If you are feeling unsure​ of any information published and you need support, ​please contact your school.

I really appreciate the support you have shown ​our schools over the past few weeks, I understand how difficult this has been for some.   We will continue to work closely with you and work towards getting as many pupils safely into school as possible over the second half of this summer term ​once all factors outlined have been fully considered.  

If you have any questions, comments - or wish to discuss any of this with myself or Head teachers please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Guy Chappell
Executive Director
Special Partnership Trust

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