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What is the Special Partnership Trust

What is The Special Partnership Trust?

It is important to remember that The Special Partnership Trust (SPT) is a single legal entity working collectively for the benefit for all. The Trust has become a dynamic flexible organisation that evolves to ensure it adds value to the learners and staff within the academies/ARBs in the Trust and contributes to the improvement of standards of teaching and learning for all children with additional needs in educational settings across the region.

The Trust is not static or one dimensional, it is evolutionary. The SPT is an open-minded Trust, which will consider all opportunities and act on them to ensure it continues to deliver the Trust's vision, values and ethos. Any discussion about the future of the Trust or potential opportunities must always reference the vision and values of the Trust.


The Special Partnership Trust a community which aspires together

Delivered by:

An ambitious, inspirational partnership of outstanding learning.

Achieved by:

An innovative, integrated Trust, with strong leadership at all levels, delivering outstanding educational outcomes and empowering pupils, parents and staff to strengthen our community even further.

Our Values

Exceptional Outcomes
All learning is outcome led promoting achievement, resilience, safety, wellbeing, aspiration and meaningful future destinations.

Strategic Leadership and Governance
Securing outstanding, high quality provision.

Highest Standards
Driven by aspirational targets leading to school improvement across the partnership.

Enriching Relationships
All stakeholders collaborating to enable every pupil to achieve their potential.

An Inclusive Community
Achieved through effective networking, school-to-school partnership and outreach.

In that, all partners are equal and accountable to the shared values of the partnership.

Strategic Use of Resources
Pedagogic, research, systems, financial and capital to create the best possible learning environment for pupils, parents, families and staff.



Strategic Intent

SPT’s strategic aim is to develop the Trust’s position in delivering excellent SEN provision within a culture of continuous improvement. This reflects the strength of our feedback from all internal and external evaluations indicating that the organisation should concentrate on consolidation/embedding outstanding practice and in parallel develop the reach of the Trust. This includes:

  • The SPT will continue to build the strength of our teams and the sense of a strong consistency of practice and purpose across the organisation.
  • Exploring ways of sharing SPT’s expertise and experience in SEN, helping others to build the quality of practice and provision regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Completing the major projects currently in progress whilst ensuring we deliver excellent provision hence securing outstanding outcomes for all pupils.
  • Ensuring the Trust is operating in a financially sustainable, efficient and effective way.

Five areas of strategic focus

Trust Team
Recruitment, retention, professional development, well-being and succession planning.

Trust Outcomes
Strategic and operational planning, achieving excellent outcomes for all pupils.

Trust Culture
Building a universal sense of belonging to a successful organisation.

Trust Future
Delivering new free schools and developing a ‘hub’ concept in Cornwall, Devon and across the South West.

Trust Reputation
Building the visibility of SEN locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.