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Pupil Premium / Disadvantage

The Special Partnership - Pupil Premium


Since 2010 schools have received an additional Pupil Premium allowance over and above General Annual Grant School budget to help address the lower levels of achievement experienced by children who are disadvantaged in some way.

This funding is clearly identifiable in budgets. Pupil Premium is in addition to any funding the pupil may receive for their special educational needs. 

Pupil Premium is awarded for every pupil who:

  • is in receipt of a Free School Meal in the current year;
  • has been in receipt of a Free School Meal in the previous six years (Ever 6 FSM);
  • has been Looked After by the local authority continuously for the past six months;
  • is a child in a Services Family

Schools within The Special Partnership Trust work very hard to ensure that all pupils achieve as much as they are able. 

Each SPT School has outlined their Pupil Premium Strategies, please click on the links below to access the information on each school website: