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Our Story

We're a specialist educational trust on a journey to raise the bar and set new standards for Special Educational Needs (SEN) throughout the South West.

The Trust was founded in 2016 and is now made up of ten schools and ARBs. Unlike other trusts, we are purely made up of SEN schools and ARBs. This puts us in a unique position to do things differently.

We realised early on in our journey that there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. So we developed a philosophy that places our young people front and centre. Every decision we take is based on meeting the needs of our young people and helping them succeed. And when we say ‘succeed’ we don’t just mean academically. 

Through collaboration, co-operation, and creativity - underpinned by an ethos built on inclusivity, empowerment, and transparency - we aim to inspire every single young person (as well as their families and our staff) to be the very best versions of themselves they possibly can and to thrive and flourish no matter what circumstances they face.

So what is it that we’re trying to achieve? Really, it’s quite simple. Our goal is to prepare young people for the next step, whatever that step may be for them. 

We do this through fostering a spirit of innovation, by generating excitement, and championing opportunities. Our commitment to our young people is to give them the education and skills they need to lead rich, active, and fulfilling lives beyond school all while being in a space where they feel safe, supported, and happy.

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