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Why join a Multi-Academy Trust?

A critical benefit of joining or working with a thriving MAT is to raise student attainment, share the burden of business operations, centralise decision making and gain strong, professional leadership and governance.

The benefits of being part of The Special Partnership Trust:

  • Stronger Leadership: School leaders and teachers can combine their knowledge and planning abilities to work on challenges and solutions together.
  • Strategic Management: Governors and trustees can draw on each other’s experience to formulate strategic approaches.
  • Shared Staffing: Human resources within schools can work across multiple sites, particularly in a localised Trust. This can appease the recruitment challenges and offer more varied opportunities to staff.
  • Specialist Resources: With combined funding in a Trust, specialist knowledge can be bought in many different areas, spanning academic, extra-curricular and operational functions.
  • Professional Development: This can be organised across multiple schools, upskilling as many individuals as possible per session.
  • Economies of Scale: A Trust is able to purchase as a whole, thereby achieving economies of scale not achievable by schools as individuals. With ever tightening budgets, this can help schools maintain and build upon the resources and standards they aspire to.
  • Shared Accountability: As a Trust represents multiple schools, it is in its interest to raise the profile of each, in line with rising expectations.

If you would like to discuss joining The Special Partnership Trust please contact Guy Chappell