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Join The Team

When you work with us you'll be joining a specialist educational trust on a journey to raise the bar and set new standards for Special Educational Needs (SEN) throughout the UK.

We are not afraid to do things differently and we never settle for ordinary. We aspire to be the best in everything that we do. We provide our young people with the highest quality education, give them access to the best opportunities available to them, and take pride in giving them a sense of self worth and purpose - built on a foundation of resilience and independence.

Through collaboration, co-operation, and creativity - underpinned by an ethos built on inclusivity, empowerment, and transparency - we aim to inspire every single young person (as well as their families and our staff) to be the very best versions of themselves they possibly can. We do this through an ambitious, specialist curriculum that goes beyond school life and focuses on living as well as learning.

We step outside the comfort zone when it’s needed, we care more than people think is needed or necessary, and we genuinely want to improve the lives and experiences of our learners. We dare to be different, we have courage in our convictions, and we strive every single day to draw the best out of everything and everyone in our community.

We are...

Ambitious. We believe in setting new standards and consistently raising them through the quality of our work and approach.

Aspirational. We dream big and are brave enough to act on our aspirations. Invested. We care. It’s easy to say but, for us, it flows through every part of the Trust. We’re invested in improving the lives of our young people both now and into the future.

Purposeful. We don’t do things for the sake of doing them. We’re driven by our purpose and committed to turning our vision into a reality.

Genuine. Honesty, transparency, and authenticity are what all our work is built on. Inclusive. Every single voice matters. Everyone can have ideas, express views, and be heard.

Energetic. We make SEN exciting. We’re the go-getters and the trend-setters. We’re not bound by convention and infuse our energy and passion through everything we do.

Specialist. We are a specialist trust and this gives us a unique and unprecedented insight into the needs of our young people and their families.