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External review of governance

The Special Partnership Trust commissioned an NGA External Review of Governance in June 2020 as the Trust were looking to grow.  Trustees requested the external review to ensure the trust has the capacity and capability for effective governance, both now and in the future. The review looked at the following lines of enquiry:

1. If governance structures are:
a. Compliant with DfE expectations and if the trust is supporting governance effectively
b. Robust enough to support growth in the trust

2. The effectiveness of the trust board, specifically how well trustees:
a. Fulfil their role and responsibilities, including being clear about the vision and strategy for the trust as a whole as opposed to for each of the schools in the trust
b. Have the skills to fulfil all roles of governance, particularly financial and health and safety responsibilities
c. Know the context and challenges of the schools for which they are responsible and if they receive the information required to assure themselves of the standard of education being received

3. The effectiveness of the academy committees known as local governing bodies (LGBs), specifically:
a. An overview of the relationship and the communication between the LGBs and the trust board

The findings of the review found that:

"This review has found evidence that the Special Partnership Trust has strong, effective governance that is compliant with DfE expectations and supports the trust’s purpose of providing a high quality of education for public benefit. The trust has evolved over the past two years, steadily bringing leaders and LGB members together, aligning their views and increasing their shared ethos. Governance structures and practices are highly effective and are supported by a professional clerk who provides a golden thread of effective communication across the trust. The trustees and LGB members are knowledgeable and skilled, the chairs are all extremely competent and committed to the trust. Skills gaps have been identified and plans are in place for recruitment."