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The Special Partnership Trust consists of an ambitious and inspiring collaboration of specialist provision with a focus on excellence in learning for everyone. We are formed to ensure that every child, irrespective of need or location gets the best learning opportunities possible. We believe in providing challenge and support in equal measure to our pupils, nurturing the talents and skills of all learners.

The Special Partnership Trust brings together five special schools and four ARBs based in Cornwall and Devon; Curnow (Redruth), Doubletrees (St. Austell), Nancealverne (Penzance), Pencalenick (Truro), Orchard Manor (Dawlish), Bude ARB, Brannel ARB, Mount Charles ARB and Falmouth ARB. The partnership is committed to developing support for the broader SEN community in both mainstream and alternative specialist provisions, so that there is a more equitable access to high quality specialist support irrespective of location.

The Trust will look objectively at every referral made to us and base our decision on whether we can meet that young person’s needs, taking into account the safety and dynamics of the young people accommodated in the academy at that time. Local Authorities wishing to place young people will provide us with the appropriate paperwork, which will allow us to assess the level of need of the young person.  We will also consider their safety and compatibility of needs with others within the Academy. If we feel that we can meet their needs and accommodate the young person we will offer a place and inform the referring Local Authority.

For a child to be admitted, the school must be named, by a local authority, in the child’s Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). The Special Partnership Trust will work in partnership with local authorities and parents/carers to assess the suitability of a pupil’s placement. Parents wishing their children to benefit from our provision should ask their local authority to name one of our schools in their child’s EHCP.  The Trust covers the full spectrum of support from early intervention and Assessment to residential term-time places. There is a choice and the Trust have a variety of specialist provisions so students can flourish and make significant progress. There is no fee payable by the parents/carers for their child to attend any of the Trust Academies. The academy is unable to offer places to students whose families wish to pay such a fee.


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Devon's SEND Local Offer - help and support for children with SEND