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A Career in SEND with The Special Partnership Trust


Why look at a career in SEND?

There is an increasing demand for skilled practitioners to work with pupils with Special Educational Needs, both in specialist settings and in mainstream schools.    Working in SEND provides exciting opportunities in a range of roles.  The Special Partnership Trust Schools provide opportunities for experience, training and career progression across their schools in Devon and Cornwall.    ( something about transferable skills into other service in the region???)

Challenge and Creativity.

Working in SEND provides all staff with opportunities to work in a system that has to be creative and flexible in order to meet a wide range of individual and specific pupil needs.  Whilst this also provides challenges – it does mean that teachers often have more scope to explore different ways of planning for and meeting pupils needs.   The focus on ensuring all pupils are engaged in appropriate learning and making really good progress requires all staff to think creatively, be curious about learning and implement a range of strategies.

 Every day is different – and rewarding.

When you work in SEND you are part of a community of people really helping children be successful, happy, confident and resilient.  Finding ways to help children overcome barriers to learning and make a positive impact on their lives is the core purpose of all the work we do. 

In order to meet the needs of the children our staff work with skilled health and social care professionals to make sure needs are identified and effective programmes developed and implemented.

Working with children in this way means that you see success in even the very smallest of achievements – this is highly rewarding and can offer a great deal of job satisfaction

Everything we do with the children considers the bigger picture of supporting children to access and enjoy a fulfilling and productive life – this means that the curriculum is broad and varied and includes many opportunities to contextualise learnt skills in practical and real life situations.  Working in this way means you play an important role in shaping their futures.

You will learn something Every Day.

There are a broad spectrum of needs catered for across, and within our schoolsThis means that there are many opportunities to access training and support to build your SEN knowledge throughout your career.  Some people choose to specialise and access more advanced training in one particular area (speech and language support for example) – others develop a range of skills applicable to the particular classroom or phase in which they work.  The Special Partnership Trust is developing a range of specific roles to support the delivery of specialist practice – as well as a structured CPD offer to support staff throughout their career.

Why work for The Special Partnership Trust

Please see the links below for further information and the exciting opportunities of becoming a member of staff at The Special Partnership Trust.   Information includes salaries; benefits; school holidays; family friendly policies; wellbeing benefits; information on career progression; a day in the life of and a list of our current vacancies and how to apply.